What is Kyudo? Your Archery Journal

Named after the Japanese martial art of archery, Kyudo is a web app that makes score keeping and progress analysis simple. With Kyudo, it's easy to build up a detailed history of your archery activity. Spend less time doing the maths and more time on the range.

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Personal Kyudo dashboard including all-time statistics.
Score sheet in progress for a Portsmouth round.
Detailed score analysis for a Portsmouth round.
Round browser with Bray II rules shown.

Why should I use Kyudo? Intuitive and Time-Saving

Whether you've just started out or you're a seasoned veteran, Kyudo is easy to use. Simply login using your web browser and everything you need is right there. No more hunting around for score sheets and no need to spend hours working with spreadsheets.

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How do I use Kyudo? Use Any Modern Device

Kyudo works on any modern device with a web browser. Laptop, tablet or phone, choose the device that's right for you. Battery died while you were scoring? Just log in on another device and seamlessly carry on from where you left off.

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Kyudo scoring screens shown on a tablet and two types of smartphone.

Plus a whole range of new features still to come...

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