RecordDelightful Scoring

Scoring with Kyudo, shown on a tablet and a smartphone.

Score in real-time or historically

  • Score as you shoot with familiar end-by-end score recording.
  • Add scores once you've finished shooting without any hassle.
  • Easily correct any mistakes along the way.
Sight-mark adjustment sliders.
Sight Marks

See your sight-mark for the current distance, and adjust it without leaving the score pad.

Progress bars and tiles showing real-time performance.
Live Stats

Get live feedback on your performance while you shoot which can be hidden to prevent distraction.

A prompt to add a full score sheet to a recorded score.
Add score sheets later

Quickly add historical scores without the need to enter every shot, then add the full score sheet later.

ProgressClear Progress Overview

Score time-line shown on a laptop and single score analysis shown on a smartphone.

Visualise your improvements

  • Keep a record of all the scores you've recorded.
  • See how your performance has changed over time and spot areas to improve your shooting.
  • Pick out patterns and find your personal records with intuitive tools.
Score summary popup for a personal best.
Personal Bests

Your personal bests for each round and bow style are recorded and kept up-to-date as you enter new scores.

Score history filtering menu.
Filter and Sort

Find that score you've been looking for with simple history filtering and sorting tools.

Starred scores shown on the history graph.
Star Scores

Mark noteworthy scores with a star so you can find them again easily in your history or on your graph.

AnalyseDetailed Insights

Historical score entry shown on a smartphone and single score analysis shown on a laptop.

Review your scores in depth

  • Go into detail and see how you performed in each distance, end and shot.
  • See how each score relates to your relevant personal best and how long it's taken to break it.
  • Review your previous practice sessions and competition results to reveal where improvements can be made.
Shot-by-shot chart and statistics for a single score.
Drill Down

Get detailed score analysis, including distance break-downs, shot time-line and value distributions.

Score sheet with coloured number blocks.
Score Sheets

Revisit your score sheets to review your end-by-end performance as it was recorded.

Actions menu for a single score.
Share Scores

Send a summary of a score to someone by email: perfect for submitting scores to your club.

LearnStandard Round Rules

Round rules and related personal statistics shown on a laptop and a smartphone.

Remind yourself of the rules

  • Access rules for all World Archery and Archery GB standard target rounds, both outdoor and indoor.
  • Learn how to shoot rounds for the first time, or remind yourself of those you haven't shot in a while.
  • See how you generally perform in each round with each bow style.
Search tools for finding a specific round.
Find a Round

Find the round you're looking for with filters and text search, or simply browse the list.

Personalised, round-specific progress information.
Round Progress

See how you perform in each round with round-specific score history and personal bests.

A diagram of a full World Archery target face.
Full Rules

Get full rules for each round, including visual representations of the targets that are permitted.

SynchroniseUse Any Modern Device

Personal dashboard shown on a tablet and two types of smartphone.

All your devices, always in sync

  • Kyudo stays synchronised across all your devices.
  • Battery died while scoring? Just sign in on another device and carry on where you left off.
  • There's nothing to install; Simply open the app in your web browser.
'Score in progress' dialogue.
Resume or Restart

Easily carry on from where you left off or start again, if you get interrupted while scoring.

Screen-grab of Kyudo being added to a smartphone home screen.
Add to Home

Kyudo can be added to your home screen just like a native app. (Android, iOS, and Google Chrome)

Logos for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge web browsers.
Any Browser

Kyudo works on any device with a modern web browser. Laptop, Tablet or phone, whichever your prefer.

Kyudo logomark.

SubscribeFull Feature List

Devices icon.

Any Device

Kyudo works on any device with a modern web browser; There's nothing to install.

Timeline icon.

Progress Timeline

See how you've progressed over time with an easy-to-use score timeline.

Dashboard icon.

Activity Dashboard

All your archery activity summarised, including shot, time and distance counters.

Clock icon.

Queryable History

Quickly and easily query your score history with filters and sorts.

Rosette icon.

Personal bests

All your personal best scores are recorded and kept up-to-date as you score.

Pie chart icon.

Detailed analysis

Drill down in to each score to see how you performed in each distance, end and shot.

Envelope icon.

Send Scores

Trivially send score summaries via email, such as a coach or records keeper.

Star icon.

Star Scores

Mark noteworthy scores with a star to have them stand out in your timeline.

Repeat icon.

Shoot Again

Start scoring with the same setup as a previous score at the touch of a button.

Drawn bow icon.

Real-Time Scoring

Score as you shoot with an intuitive, colour-coded score pad.

Clipboard icon.

Add historical Scores

Add past scores with ease, with or without their accompanying score sheets.

Reticule icon.

Sight Marks

Keep track of your sight-marks and easily adjust them without leaving the score pad.

Document icon.

Round Rules

All standard World Archery and Archery GB round rule, indoor and outdoor.

Line chart icon.

Round Stats

See how you perform on a round-by-round basis for each bow style.

Plus a whole range of new features still to come...

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