We have ambitious plans for Kyudo as an app and a community. Here's an estimate of what's on the way over the next year or so.

  1. Plotted Scoring Record the position of each arrow on the target face as well as the points scored.
  2. Offline Mode Use the app without an internet connection; perfect for scoring in remote locations.
  3. Practice Scores Record your results without needing to shoot a specific round.
  4. Compare Scores Compare two scores to pick out key differences between them.
  5. Custom Rounds Design your own custom rounds, or add your club-specific rounds to your journal.
  6. Badges Earn in-app badges for achieving various archery-related goals.
  7. Equipment Manager Keep a record of the equipment you own and how changes to that equipment affect your performance.
  8. Club Presence Join Kyudo as a club. Easily handle member administration and keep your records up to date.
  9. Coaching Tools Join Kyudo as a coach. Keep tabs on all your students and review their training progress.
  10. Competition Manager Use Kyudo to organise competitions. Have target lists and results sheets prepared automatically.
  11. Got any ideas?

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